Little League Baseball Game
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Everything Comes Full Circle




 Being a kid should not be so hard. Shine Kids is going to level the playing field.  Our vision is simple. Every kid should have the opportunity to play high quality, FUN, organized team sports. Regardless of their family's means to do so. Shine Kids is not just working to cover fees, but the ever rising costs of associated equipment and gear.

We are working towards developing programs that work in conjunction with select, respected and well regarded existing sports organizations, businesses and communities. To increase access to these opportunities  and ensure every kid can get on the field. 

Carrie's Christmas Club

We like to say Carrie is the reason we started all of this, but not our purpose. This program certainly exemplifies her spirit. The mission of Carrie's Christmas Club (C3) is simple; ensure every kid knows what the joy of Christmas Feels like. Yes, we are talking about presents under a tree.

  • The Founders Club

    Every month
    For the discerning Philanthropist
    • Covers registration costs for one Shine Kid
    • Provide equipment for one Shine Kid
  • Shine Kid

    Every month
    Tell your friends that you are a philanthropist
    • Covers Sport Registration Fees for One Shine Kid
  • Christmas Clubber

    Every month
    I'm just here for the stickers man
    • Provides gifts for One Christmas Club Kid